Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors demand the very best from their investment managers. Summit Global Investments principals have decades of experience managing significant low volatility portfolios for Institutions and have worked with leading U.S. investment groups throughout our careers.

Financial Advisors

As a trusted advisor you are continually seeking ways to help your clients obtain consistent returns while protecting the wealth you've helped them generate from their investments. We share this passion and drive in actively managing our U.S. Low Volatility Equity Strategy.

Individual Investors

You have worked hard to establish your investment portfolio. At Summit Global Investments we work hard in managing clients portfolios. Our strengths are as experts in capital preservation while participating in the upside that the equity markets may offer.

As experts in the Low Volatility space, we offer a unique approach with our Low Volatility US equity strategy. Our focus starts and ends with managing risk. This systematic approach to investing in lower risk, lower volatility stocks gives us the opportunity to build portfolios that perform better, protect better, provide more diversification, and give investors a smoother ride.

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