Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in academic research and rigorous quantitative and fundamental financial analysis. 

We believe markets do not stand alone, isolated from the world and the equity markets seldom stand still, but rather experience different economic, political and international cycles.  While some cycles may vary in length and events differ in impact, we feel, for equity exposure, taking a lower volatile approach is merited.

We also believe publicly traded companies are global companies.  Their revenue and sales, business plans, investment and ultimately success or failure is more correlated to global events than ever in history.  Companies are unique in how each prepares, responds and survives the impact of world events and economic cycles. 

We further believe taking a managed risk approach to equity investing provides many benefits to investors, including:

    - Our Low Volatility strategy is designed to provide smaller drawdowns during bear markets, and thus can more easily recover losses

    - Our Low Volatility strategy is not constructed on the basis of market capitalization and tends to have less exposure to periodic bubbles

    - Our Low Volatility strategy minimizes market volatility allowing investors to gain better diversification of assets across asset classes and alternative investments

As experts in the Low Volatility space, we offer a unique approach with our Low Volatility US equity strategy. Our focus starts and ends with managing risk. This systematic approach to investing in lower risk, lower volatility stocks gives us the opportunity to build portfolios that perform better, protect better, provide more diversification, and give investors a smoother ride.

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